This is an amazon sdk repo used currently for ecs.

Required native libraries

  1. ruby-all-dev
  2. zlib1g-dev zip
  3. build-essential

Required libraries

  1. aws-sdk
  2. net-ssh -v 2.9.3.beta1 (in windows) or net-ssh (unix)
  3. net-scp
  4. nokogiri
  5. mixlib-shellout
  6. redis
  7. rubocop - is a good choice for reformatting. not a must.


You can generate documentation by running "rdoc" at the root directory for this repo, at the root and viewing index.html.

Required files under settings folder

  1. you will need to create an authentication.json file with the secret key data for this project to work.
  2. you need a setting.json specific to the environment you're working in.


Running all tests is simple, ruby test/test_all.rb You can also run a specific test by using it's own file name. If you're writing a test, make sure to include it in the test_all.rb. It is also possible to run an informative test with the -v tag at the end.


Scripts are mentions here.

How to write a service file

service file explained here. How to setup your infrastructure explained here.