What does it do:

Checks and remove unused security groups in aws.

What won't it remove?

Any security group that is being used or being referenced.


View the license file.


  1. go version 1.92 was used here. Earlier versions will probably work, but why bother? It's free. Note that go must be installed properly. Attached hereby the script (must be run as root) that will install version 1.92 on a Linux machine.
  2. make will make working easier. Not a must, but there is a make file, it does simplify things
  3. Run make setup will install dependencies.
  4. If you wish to edit or remove parts, I recommend using the atom editor. this is also covered in the make file: run make edit to edit the file with atom. If you have go-plus installed, you're in for a treat.
  5. Running is done with make run.
  6. Since this is pretty straight forward, there are no tests.