How to sign up using basic auth

You will need the username and password of an active user in your Betterez backend.

We recommend creating an specific user for the API unless you want to track usage by specific users.

Basic Access Authentication token

This endpoint uses Basic Access Authentication to authenticate a User, using username and password.

For example: a User with username and password secret1 should send a header Authorization with the result of Base64 encoding both strings

echo -n "" | base64

The basicAuthToken in this example would be dXNlckBidHJ6LmNvbTpzZWNyZXQx


To login and get the JWT for use in other requests you will perform a POST into the

The audience parameter must be completed with the name of the Application that is authenticating the User.

A full request with curl will look like this.

Notice that the data (after --data in curl) is a stringified json object.