Making a purchase with parcels

Parcels API


  • x-api-key: ${token}
  • authorization: ${jwtToken}
  • accept: "application/json"

All endpoints described here use the same headers

Create parcel

Use the /sales/cart endpoint of the Sales Bucket to add items to the shopping cart.

The first call will create a shopping cart with a parcel and return information about it, including the cartId:

Add parcel to existing cart

Use the POST endpoint /sales/cart/:cartId/items

Add a scan

Use the POST endpoint /operations/parcels/:parcelId/scans

Postman resources

If you would like to use Postman to test the API, we have included a collection you can use as a starting point below.

This collection is designed to allow you to create a cart with a parcel, and then add another parcel to the existing cart. In order to use it successfully, you will need your x-api-key, your basic auth token, a valid parcel product, and valid stations set up.

After importing the collection, and the environment, make sure your collection is using the new environment, and that you have set the values. Variables that start with "YOUR_" will need to be replaced with a value specific to your situation. The {{basePath}} environment variable has been set to by default.

Postman Collection

Postman Environment